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In the foreground are not financial aspects, but the participation and creation of an independent music culture in Switzerland. The ideology of this website is to facilitate the communication and exchange of technical data in the community.

Specialized in World Wide - Urbanmusic - Beat - Dance productions several people participate with their creativity and love for music.

Since we are selective, not the classic service providers, we value requests with a small description of what you want to realize with us. Should it come to a cooperation, we gladly recommend our community in the area - beatproducing - web design - cover design - music video - music events and anything else that is in our possible and discretion.

As an experienced team, we are happy to support, advise and realize your project upon acceptance.

Your GS Records Team

GS Records

We offer you extensive help or service in the production process.
From songwriting - recording - mixing - mastering - digital distribution to the finished CD.

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Vocal Recording, Instrument Recording

Mixing of your projects

Stereo/Stem Mastering

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