Digital distribution

Do you want to offer your own songs on the Internet?

GS Records helps artists or bands to distribute via the Internet.
Our independent digital distribution delivers virtually automatically to every download store, nationally and internationally.

This is a simple thing, we allow you to offer your music worldwide. A service we offer for expenses only! The earnings are settled quarterly.

We can distribute your music on up to 250 online stores such as iTunes, Spotify Google Music or Amazon.

Of course, there is the possibility of viewing the sales figures and a consultation of the online sales strategy with pre-sales and pre-listing function.

After receiving the money, the artists or bands are obliged to declare the income to the tax office if the amount becomes taxable.

GS Records only distributes or reproduces for artists or bands that are registered with Suisa. If you don't have a Suisa registration yet, we will help you to register your project. The required work registrations and remaining copyright contracts will be sent by Suisa by mail when you become a member.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us under

GS Records

We offer you extensive help or service in the production process.
From songwriting - recording - mixing - mastering - digital distribution to the finished CD.

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Vocal Recording, Instrument Recording

Mixing of your projects

Stereo/Stem Mastering

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