CD Press

Physical distribution is more and more limited, the displays are concentrated on fewer and fewer supply points. Nevertheless, you need the CD as your own product for gigs or as an image carrier, e.g. for organizers, radio labels or promotion. We help you with the handling of the Suisa registration. We press on request small editions up to 250 pieces only for material costs and advise you.

For larger pressings of 250 pieces or more, it is advisable to obtain a quote from various pressing plants in Switzerland.

Of course, we will help you optimize your medium and pass on our special discounts directly to you.

CD Printing Specifications

CD Printable Glossy:

Cover printed on both sides:

Make sure that each edge has a minimum text distance of 5mm.
Just let the background image or color stick out 3mm above the actual format. If you have lowercase round text, just send us the text to fix it directly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us under

GS Records

We offer you extensive help or service in the production process.
From songwriting - recording - mixing - mastering - digital distribution to the finished CD.

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Vocal Recording, Instrument Recording

Mixing of your projects

Stereo/Stem Mastering

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